Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli hit another major bump in the road this week when a new video was published featuring him asking Republican voters for “wiggle room” on the far right policies he has adopted on everything from women’s reproductive rights to the minimum wage to voting rights. Assemblyman Ciattarelli’s comments are another clear sign that he’s willing to say anything to get elected, as well as the latest case of his campaign blundering its way through the Summer. 

Read our full statement on Ciattarelli’s comments here.


While the state’s continued response to COVID-19 and the effort to get more residents vaccinated is taking center stage, that doesn’t mean that Governor Murphy and his team are ignoring other critical issues. This week the Governor signed a package of bills that will make New Jersey the national leader in protecting children and all residents from lead poisoning. The legislation includes funds for mandatory inspections of lead paint in apartments, replacement of lead service lines at residential homes and much more. 

Read more about these landmark new laws here. 


This week marked six months since President Biden took office, and during that time he has put our country back on the right track. Millions of Americans have been vaccinated to protect them from COVID-19, businesses are opening back up with federal support, families are receiving direct cash assistance from the Child Tax Credit at a level that has not been seen before and our country’s future is bright. Thank you President Biden! 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.