The NJDems (New Jersey Democratic State Committee) Logo. It is a multi-toned blue outline of the state of New Jersey, with two lines of text inset. The upper line in large font says NJDems in all caps; the lower line in smaller, but also all caps font, says "NJ Democratic State Committee".


We have anticipated a moment like this since Trump rushed three appointees onto the Supreme Court bench within four years, all of them rubber stamped by the Republican members of the Senate. Overturning Roe v. Wade would be unprecedented, but it would not be unexpected. This type of attack on women’s autonomy has been a cornerstone of the Republican platform for decades. 

If you’re feeling at a loss about what to do right now, remember that we can only overcome this attack together. The radical agenda of the Republican right must be stopped, and there is only one way to do that: get angry, get mobilized, and get voting.

Sign up here to volunteer with a pro-choice frontline Democratic Congressional campaign now. 

A woman in Mississippi, where only 1 abortion clinic currently exists, should have the same access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, as a woman in our state of New Jersey, where the right to an abortion was codified into state law last year by Governor Murphy and the Democratic-majority state legislature. The expected ruling from the Supreme Court would mean that access to health care could be predicated on a person’s location. Ending Roe does not end abortions. It only ends access to safe and legal abortions for vulnerable communities nationwide.

The fact is that a strong majority of Americans believe in Roe v. Wade and in protecting a person’s right to choose. 

Access to safe abortions is not a Republican or Democratic issue – it is a public health and human rights issue. Full stop. Now, more than ever, we need your help electing leaders who will fight for that right for all women. 

Remember, together we can create a future where women’s rights are not constantly up for debate and negotiation, but we need your help in getting there. It is crucial to continue to elect more Democratic candidates across our state – and the country.

Do not give up. Do not despair. Turn your anger into action and make your voice heard by joining a local campaign at the grassroots level. Tell Republicans across the country that we won’t sit by while they slowly come for more of our rights.