TRENTON, NJ — The National Rifle Association has decided not to endorse any of the GOP candidates for Governor ahead of the Republican gubernatorial primary election, signaling the reality that each candidate would be equally extreme on guns. With the NRA unsure of which candidate will win in the primary election, they are showing their high level of comfort with all of the Republican candidates regardless of the eventual result. 

“It is not surprising that the NRA does not feel the need to weigh in in the GOP gubernatorial primary because they know exactly what they are getting with all of the Republican candidates, no matter who wins,” said NJDSC Executive Director Saily Avelenda. “Each of the Republican candidates has a radical, extreme record on guns and would do the bidding of the gun lobby at the expense of the safety of New Jerseyans if elected. This further demonstrates the stakes of this election and why Governor Murphy must be re-elected in November.” 

A quick look at their records:

Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli 

  • Voted repeatedly against gun safety measures, including mandatory background checks, limits on magazine sizes, and a ban on high-caliber weapons — measures which are overwhelmingly supported by New Jerseyans;
  • Vowed to veto any legislation that restricts access to firearms [Star-Ledger, 5/26/17];
  • Blamed “both sides” for “playing identity politics, which gives rise to intolerance and racism,” in response to the 2019 El Paso Shooting [Star-Ledger, 8/18/19]; and
  • Stated that New Jersey should speed up gun permit application processes with “fast track” status for certain applicants [Ammoland, 5/24/21].

Perennial Candidate Hirsh Singh 

  • Declared make New Jersey a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” [@HirshSingh via Twitter,12/30/19];
  • Stated “Gun Rights are Human Rights” [@HirshSingh via Twitter,12/30/19];
  • Claimed “The Only Way To Stop A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Guy With A Gun” [@HirshSingh via Twitter,12/30/19]; 
  • Believes national movement for criminal justice reform is “evidence enough that Americans should have the right to defend themselves against violent lawlessness” [Garden State Times, 5/7/21]; and
  • Holds an 86% rating from the NRA [].