New Jersey Democratic State Committee

Volunteer Trainings


How to Train Volunteers to Phone Bank

While the video was made for campaign staff to train volunteers, the video is a step by step guide on how to phone bank.

What Is Get Out The Vote (GOTV)?

The video defines GOTV and terminology and end goal, discusses some uncertainties regarding COVID-19 and GOTV and helps viewers understand GOTV phases.

Texting for Campaigns

This training was designed for campaign staff to understand how texting can be used for campaigns. Volunteers may find sections of the training helpful, such as, Two Types of Texting and Don’t be Left on “Read.”


GOTV Conversations

This guide can be downloaded for volunteers to use during GOTV. The guide outlines some key GOTV conversation principles.

Swing Left – Recommended on Arena’s website

Phone Bank Best Practices

2-page general guide with tips and tricks for phone banking.

How to Code Your Data %20Data%20Coding%20Final.pdf

3-page guide on how to code your data when phone banking. Unsure if this is only for Swing Left phone banking programs, or all phone banking programs.

Calling Voters with the Virtual Phone Banking tool (OpenVPB)

3-page guide on how to begin calling voters NGP VAN’s Open Virtual Phone Bank (OpenVPB). Unsure if this program is what everyone is using right now due to COVID-19.

Phone banking and Virtual Phone Bank tool FAQ

4 page FAQs that are for common phone banking and NGP VAN’s OpenVPB.