For Immediate Release: 11/3/22

Contact: Phil Swibinski, (201) 978-8651

NJDSC Demands GOP Disavow Race-Baiting Mailers, BOE Candidate Who Mocked Pelosi Attack

Mailers Paid For By Group Founded By Former White House Aide, White Nationalist Stephen Miller

TRENTON, NJ – With Election Day approaching, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is calling out two highly troubling incidents of extreme, radical MAGA Republican messaging that have emerged in recent days. These instances show how far the Republican Party is willing to go to attack and marginalize New Jersey’s communities of color, and to attack basic tenets of decency. 

In one instance, a political group founded by former Trump White House aide Stephen Miller is behind race-baiting mailers recently sent to New Jersey voters that are attempting to stir up racial tensions by attacking policies meant to ensure equitable treatment and by pitting people against each other for political gain. The mailers are part of a long pattern of Miller’s group placing outrageous advertisements across numerous mediums throughout the country. Miller himself is an avowed nationalist and is on Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of right wing extremists

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is calling on Republicans to disavow Miller’s race-baiting messages and stand against hate in all of its forms. 

“There is no place in New Jersey for Stephen Miller’s racist, white nationalist agenda and every Republican who doesn’t want to be associated with Miller and his group should join us in disavowing this filth and standing against racism in any form,” said NJDSC Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. “While Republicans want to tear us apart for their own political gain, Democrats are fighting to help working families of all races and backgrounds thrive by pursuing an agenda that will build the middle class. New Jersey will not allow an extreme right wing agenda to advance in our state, and we will always stand up against racists and white nationalist like Stephen Miller.” 

Also this week, a Board of Education candidate was exposed for wearing a Halloween costume that mocked the heinous attack on the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was assaulted in the couple’s home by a right wing extremist. 

“The criminal attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband is another tragic example of the damaging effects that right wing extremism are having on our society. It is sickening to see a candidate for Board of Education celebrate this vicious act,” said Chairman Jones. “It’s up to all of us to stand up against the extremism, conspiracy theories, and violence that are increasingly becoming part of the mainstream of the Republican Party. This conduct is simply not acceptable and cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged.”