The Democratic Party stands for inclusivity and diversity, for dismantling all forms of hate and bigotry, and for embracing all of the different cultures and religions that make up our society. We categorically condemn extremism and bigotry in any form and strive towards a world where our differences become our strengths. 

Valuing diversity and dismantling extremism means taking a thoughtful, measured approach to controversies and issues that are beyond our understanding and are beyond the scope of our personal, cultural, and lived experiences. To respect our differences, we should pause, reflect, and be guided by those voices in our community directly touched by these issues. While passion can drive us in positive ways, yielding to passions without applying reason also leads to divisiveness and mistrust. 

A foundational goal of the Democratic Party is to bring people together, not to divide them, and the anti-Hindu Teaneck Democratic Committee resolution does not accomplish this important goal.  We stand with those who value inclusivity and diversity, and against hate and bigotry in any form.