The NJDems (New Jersey Democratic State Committee) Logo. It is a multi-toned blue outline of the state of New Jersey, with two lines of text inset. The upper line in large font says NJDems in all caps; the lower line in smaller, but also all caps font, says "NJ Democratic State Committee".

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chair LeRoy Jones, Jr.,  is releasing the following statement praising President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address:

“In some of the most trying and difficult times in recent memory, President Joe Biden showed tonight the kind of strength and leadership we all need to continue to move America forward. The President’s State of the Union address laid out a strong policy agenda that will lower costs for Americans, while Republicans continue to push a misguided plan to raise taxes on seniors, people with disabilities, low-income families, and other vulnerable groups. It’s hard to picture a clearer contrast and a more pressing reason why we must elect Democrats in November. 

Thinking back to where we were when President Biden took office — millions of people out of work, COVID-19 ravaging our communities, and the country’s reputation on the international stage in shambles — the progress we have made is remarkable. President Biden has presided over the fastest economic growth since 1984.  We are seeing historic job creation, and now, thanks to his bipartisan infrastructure plan, we will be creating thousands of quality, union jobs, fixing over 65,000 miles of roads and 1,500 bridges across the country, and improving our airports, rail, waterways, broadband access, clean water infrastructure and much more. With COVID-19 numbers steadily declining, our leaders can make responsible decisions to ease public health mandates and allow us to return to a more normal life. Finally, we are holding Russia accountable for its unjust invasion of Ukraine with crippling sanctions that are wrecking their economy and with tactical support for the Ukrainians. President Biden continues to be the strong leader we elected in 2020. 

There is much more to do to keep wages up and lower costs so working families can get ahead, and we can count on President Biden to keep fighting for us. Now we need Congress to enact his agenda, and we need Democrats to rise up and fight to retain our congressional majorities in November. We will not stop working to make sure we reach those goals, because the stakes are too high not to. 

Finally, I would like to recognize the strength and resolve of the Ukrainian government and people as the world continues to pray for the families remaining there and those here in New Jersey, the United States, and around the world.”