The NJDems (New Jersey Democratic State Committee) Logo. It is a multi-toned blue outline of the state of New Jersey, with two lines of text inset. The upper line in large font says NJDems in all caps; the lower line in smaller, but also all caps font, says "NJ Democratic State Committee".

TRENTON, NJ – Today, President Joe Biden delivered on his campaign promise to nominate the first Black woman to the United States Supreme Court by selecting D.C. Circuit Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Following President Biden’s historic nomination of Judge Brown Jackson, NJDSC Chair LeRoy Jones, Jr.,  is releasing the following statement:

“Today, President Biden is fulfilling his campaign promise to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court by selecting Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. This historic nomination is long overdue and a step in the right direction in making the court more representative of the American people. Judge Brown Jackson is highly qualified, having clerked for Justice Breyer on the Supreme Court, serving as a federal appellate judge, federal district court judge, and as a federal public defender. She also has a diversity of experience that will be a tremendous addition to the Supreme Court, both in her own personal life as a Black woman and in her professional career where she has worked as a federal public defender and a defense attorney. I commend the President for his choice and look forward to seeing Judge Brown Jackson confirmed by the U.S. Senate.”