Bombshell Report Says Trump Called Soldiers ‘Losers,’ ‘Suckers’

TRENTON, NJ — According to a damning new report in The Atlantic, President Donald Trump has engaged in an almost unthinkable level of disrespect for American soldiers, both living and deceased, as well as military families. The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is releasing the following statement calling on Republicans like Rep. Jeff Van Drew, Tom Kean, Jr., Rosemary Becchi, and David Richter to disavow Trump’s rhetoric and stand with the men and women of the military. 

The following is a statement from NJDSC Spokesman Philip Swibinski: 

“The level of disrespect that President Trump has shown our armed forces and military families according to this new reporting is simply disgusting. Americans need to be able to trust our Commander in Chief, but President Trump has proven again and again that he is simply unfit for this responsibility. Jeff Van Drew, Tom Kean, Jr., Rosemary Becchi, David Richter, and every other Republican candidate should make it clear where they stand — do they condone President Trump calling soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers,’ or will they stand with our men and women in uniform and denounce Trump’s attacks on the military?”