Chairman’s Update: Governor Murphy shows support for Afghan refugees, Ciattarelli flip-flops, and more!

Democrat, Before we get into our normal week in review, I would first like to offer my heartfelt prayers to the servicemembers killed this week in Afghanistan. These brave heroes put their lives on the line to help U.S. citizens and Afghan refugees exit the country and reach safety. Their sacrifice should never be forgotten.  […]


CIATTARELLI THIS WEEK: FLIP FLOPS ON MASKS, SAYS HE’LL “MONITOR SITUATION”  AS DELTA VARIANT SPREADS Abrupt Reversal From GOP Candidate Comes After Poll Shows 67% of NJ Voters Support Mask Mandate TRENTON, NJ — After weeks of dishonestly attacking Governor Murphy’s school mask mandate with a barrage of misinformation and blatant lies about COVID-19 not […]

Chairman Jones Thanks NJ Democrats for Supporting Biden Agenda

TRENTON, NJ — With the House of Representatives moving forward with passage of President Joe Biden’s key legislative priorities and also setting the stage for an upcoming vote on a major infrastructure bill, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr., is releasing the following statement thanking Democrats for backing the President’s ambitious […]

With 67% of NJ Supporting Gov. Murphy’s School Mask Mandate, Ciattarelli Once Again Appealing Only to the Extreme Fringe

GOP Candidate’s Lies About COVID Not Affecting Children, Opposition to Mask Mandate Put Him Squarely Out of the Mainstream TRENTON, NJ — Just as he is on issues like gun safety, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ inclusiveness, and support for Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is dramatically out of […]

Chairman’s Update: Ciattarelli’s COVID lie, President Biden announces booster shot rollout, and more!

Democrat, All over the country we are seeing a stark divide play out between responsible leaders like Governor Murphy who are enacting commonsense public health measures to stem the tide of the Delta variant, and others who are ignoring the science and prioritizing politics over public health. Unfortunately, this same disregard for medical expertise is […]

Ciattarelli Lies to New Jersey Parents, Claims “Children Are Not Vulnerable to This Virus”

Extremist GOP Candidate Uses Trump-like Lie to Justify Opposition to Mask Mandates in Schools TRENTON, NJ — Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is blatantly lying about the threat COVID-19 poses to children and their education — and by doing so is proving once again that he is absolutely unfit to be Governor. Assemblyman Ciattarelli […]

Ciattarelli Spreads Baseless Anti-Mask Conspiracy Theories at Toms River Board of Education Meeting

GOP Extremist Candidate Attacks Commonsense Public Health Measures, Echos Radical Republicans like DeSantis TRENTON, NJ — Echoing fellow radical Republicans like Ron DeSantis who are putting children’s lives in danger by refusing to enact school mask mandates, GOP gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli spread baseless anti-mask conspiracy theories in an unhinged rant at a meeting […]

Chairman’s Update: Ciattarelli’s bad few weeks, major upgrades to NJ’s credit outlook, and more!

Democrat, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli was hoping for a boost when he chose longtime State Senator Diane Allen as his running mate, but instead his campaign has been engulfed in even more controversy as her extreme right-wing views on immigration, gun control, LGBTQ inclusion and Trump support emerged. Now it appears that Senator […]

LG Candidate Allen’s Deeply Out of Touch Gun Comments Echo NRA Talking Points

Allen Open to Allowing Concealed Carry in NJ, Parrots NRA’s “Good Guy With a Gun” Talking Point TRENTON, NJ — With fallout continuing from Republican Lt. Governor candidate Senator Diane Allen’s recent extreme right-wing remarks, one area that has sparked further concern is her incendiary comments on guns. Senator Allen not only signaled openness to […]

GOP LG Candidate Allen Embraces Trump, Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories in Interview

Allen Proving She is Just as Extreme as Running Mate Ciattarelli TRENTON, NJ — Republican Lt. Governor candidate Diane Allen is sounding like a Fox News pundit as the Ciattarelli-Allen campaign continues its march to the extreme right. In an interview on the New Jersey Globe Power Hour radio show, Allen espoused right-wing conspiracy theories […]


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