Chairman’s Update: Ciattarelli doubles down on anti-vax, Gov Murphy signs nursing bill, and more!

Democrat, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli has once again sided with extremists and against the best interests of our state. Assemblyman Ciattarelli’s latest bad decision is to call for more exceptions to vaccine mandates in public schools, a dangerous, anti-science position that could lead to diseases like measles and the mumps reemerging in our […]

Chairman Jones Calls on Ciattarelli, Republicans to Apologize to D.C. Capitol Police for Role in Inciting January 6th Insurrection

Officers’ Emotional Testimony Highlighted First Day of Committee Hearings TRENTON, NJ — After gripping, emotional testimony at the first day of committee hearings on the January 6th insurrection from members of the U.S. Capitol and the D.C. police, NJDSC Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr., is calling on Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli and other Republicans who helped […]

Ciattarelli Goes Full Anti-Vax, Calls for “Philosophical Exemption” to Vaccine Mandates for Children

GOP Candidate’s Embrace of Extreme Right-Wing Fringe Continues TRENTON, NJ — Another day, another instance of Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli pandering to the most extreme right-wing fringes of his base. The Republican gubernatorial candidate told an anti-vaccine group that he supports adding a so-called “Philosophical Exemption” to childhood vaccine mandates for diseases like measles and the […]

Weekly Update: Ciattarelli wants “wiggle room”, Gov Murphy signs lead poisoning bill, and more!

Democrat, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli hit another major bump in the road this week when a new video was published featuring him asking Republican voters for “wiggle room” on the far right policies he has adopted on everything from women’s reproductive rights to the minimum wage to voting rights. Assemblyman Ciattarelli’s comments are […]

Ciattarelli’s Ask for ‘Wiggle Room’ Proves His Dishonesty, Fealty to Extreme GOP Base

GOP Candidate’s Recorded Comments are Latest Blunder for Struggling Campaign TRENTON, NJ — In a newly released video recording first published by POLITICO, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is caught on tape exposing his dishonest attempt to mislead voters by hiding his embrace of far-right extremists. Speaking at a campaign event in deep red […]

NJDSC Asks: Where’s Assemblyman Ciattarelli’s Running Mate?

GOP Candidate Postponed LG Announcement, Now Scrambling in the Face of Thursday Deadline? TRENTON, NJ — With his campaign mired in scandal due to his bigoted, anti-LGBTQ views being exposed, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is facing another hurdle — the state’s mandatory deadline to name a Lieutenant Governor candidate is rapidly approaching, and […]

Weekly Update: Ciattarelli’s anti-LGBTQ comments, the Child Tax Credit, and more!

Democrat, Ever since he announced his run for Governor, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli has worked overtime to appeal to the far right, Trump-obsessed base of the Republican Party. From speaking at a “Stop the Steal” rally seeking to overturn the results of the Presidential election, to adopting right wing talking points on denying reproductive freedom, preventing […]

Ciattarelli to Campaign with Trump Loyalist Nikki Haley

Haley Appearance is the Latest Example of Jack Ciattarelli’s Allegiance to Donald Trump and the Far-Right TRENTON, NJ — Jack Ciattarelli is once again proving how out of step he is with the voters of New Jersey by campaigning this Sunday with former Trump official Nikki Haley. Ciattarelli’s embrace of far-right policies and campaign surrogates […]

Weekly Update: Ciattarelli’s pension follies, Kean Jr. embraces Trumpism, and more!

Democrat, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli made an abrupt about face this week, going from calling for the state to skip this year’s pension payment to suddenly demanding to “protect police and fire pensions” in a tweet he later deleted. It’s a good thing Governor Murphy is better at managing the state budget than […]

Ciattarelli Can’t Keep His Story Straight on Public Pensions, Contradicts Own Position in Hastily Deleted Tweet

GOP Candidate Tweets in Support of Police Pensions, Quickly Backtracks TRENTON, NJ — While desperately pushing a false narrative about public safety, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli can’t seem to keep his story straight on pension payments for the very same first responders he claims to support, as well as other public servants like […]


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