The NJDems (New Jersey Democratic State Committee) Logo. It is a multi-toned blue outline of the state of New Jersey, with two lines of text inset. The upper line in large font says NJDems in all caps; the lower line in smaller, but also all caps font, says "NJ Democratic State Committee".

“The actions taken by New Jersey Democratic Chairman Leroy Jones yesterday were as bold as they were significant. It took real leadership to not only identify the problem, but also provide a solution in providing true representation in the Democratic Delegation for the New Jersey Legislative Apportionment Commission. Almost 21% of New Jersey’s population is Latino so the addition of Laura Matos into this important process is not just timely, it is overdue. He provided true fairness and balance for Latino communities throughout New Jersey, something not all states have done throughout their legislative redistricting process. The final map decided by Judge Carchman at the end of this process will impact every community in New Jersey and we cannot allow any political parlor games to distract from that important work. This is about New Jersey’s future, and there should be nothing, or no one person, more important than that.” 

– Melissa Morales, President of Somos Votantes