TRENTON, NJ — Coming off a weak performance in the Republican Primary where he failed to crack 50% support against a field of gadflies and perennial losing candidates, Republican gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli just made his first big decision, and it’s a terrible one. Former Assemblyman Ciattarelli has tapped price-gouging Big Pharma CEO, mega Trump donor, and losing U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin to Chair the State Republican Party. 

“Bob Hugin and Jack Ciattarelli are both devoted supporters of Donald Trump, so it makes perfect sense that Ciattarelli chose Hugin to run the State Republican Party, which is still completely overrun by Trump fanatics like them,” said NJDSC Executive Director Saily Avelenda. “Ciattarelli and Hugin are like two sides of the same coin — Ciattarelli wants to throw people off their health insurance, Hugin made millions price gouging cancer patients; Ciattarelli headlined a Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ rally, Hugin donated $200,000 to Trump’s campaign; Ciattarelli would cut funding for women’s health care, Hugin fought to stop women from entering his elite private club. The similarities are endless, and it’s more proof that Jack Ciattarelli would only take New Jersey backward, not forward.”