71% Approve of Governor’s Overall Performance, Nearly 80% Support Handling of COVID-19 Crisis 

TRENTON, NJ — According to a poll released today by Monmouth University, Governor Phil Murphy’s job approval rating has skyrocketed to 71%, while 79% approve of his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. The poll also shows nearly unanimous support for many of the executive orders instituted by the Governor to protect New Jersey residents, from mandating social distancing practices to closing parks and much more. 

“Governor Murphy has provided our state with decisive, steady and compassionate leadership throughout this crisis, and New Jerseyans are clearly recognizing that fact,” said NJDSC Chairman John Currie. “The Governor’s actions along with the incredible work being done by frontline health care workers, first responders, and so many others are saving lives every day. Governor Murphy has made it crystal clear that he cares deeply about each and every single person in our great state and that he will do whatever it takes to protect them, and residents overwhelmingly support his efforts.” 

The polls shows that while 64% of respondents say that measures taken by state government to respond to the crisis have been appropriate, only 42% approve of actions taken by the federal government. A plurality of respondents also say that the federal government is responsible for a lack of testing availability in the state. 

“Governor Murphy has risen to the occasion during this unprecedented crisis, making the tough decisions needed to save lives,” said Brendan Gill, Senior Strategist to Governor Murphy. “His strong leadership is rooted in New Jersey values like grit and determination in the face of incredible challenges. The Governor has consistently put people over politics, and he will continue to do what is necessary to guide our state forward.” 

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