Allen Proving She is Just as Extreme as Running Mate Ciattarelli

TRENTON, NJ — Republican Lt. Governor candidate Diane Allen is sounding like a Fox News pundit as the Ciattarelli-Allen campaign continues its march to the extreme right. In an interview on the New Jersey Globe Power Hour radio show, Allen espoused right-wing conspiracy theories about migrants bringing COVID-19 into the country and even embraced “good guy with a gun” talking points right out of the National Rifle Association. Little surprise that Allen also confirmed that she voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden in 2020. Just days into her candidacy, Senator Allen is proving to be every bit as extreme as her running mate, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli. 

“Diane Allen is running as an extreme right wing, Trump-supporting Republican just like Assemblyman Ciattarelli,” said NJDSC Executive Director Saily Avelenda. “Sadly it’s no longer shocking to hear a New Jersey Republican spout the kinds of conspiracy theories that you might find on a QAnon message board, like migrants bringing COVID-19 to the country and a ‘good guy with a gun’ being the way to stop mass shootings. The truth is that Diane Allen is just like Jack Ciattarelli — they’ve both completely embraced the most extreme elements of the Republican Party, and New Jersey won’t go back with Jack to the Trump agenda.” 

Allen on Trump/COVID-19:

Asked if she voted for Trump in 2020: “I did. I did. And it’s not because I thought that Donald Trump was a sterling example of humanity. It was because I really was afraid that Biden was going to be tearing this country apart. I mean right now, look at all these people with COVID who are coming across the border, and it scares me. They’re put on buses, I’d expect some of them are coming up to New Jersey, not a good idea. Look at the people who were pulled over from the border who were carrying illegal guns, or drugs, whatever. So there’s a lot of things going on that I didn’t want to see go on. And that is the reason that I voted for Trump.” 

Note: This false conspiracy theory has been spread by extreme Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and was rated FALSE by PolitiFact.

Allen on Guns: 

Asked if she would support Ciattarelli in scaling back concealed carry laws: “Well, you know it’s interesting, I look at the states where they allow concealed weapons and they seem to have less problems than for instance, Chicago or Philadelphia, or all these big cities. I look down in Texas, where as you know, I think concealed and maybe even unconcealed weapons are allowed, and these people that go into churches and schools and start shooting, there’s usually somebody there that has a gun that can take them out. So I’d like to look at that. I would very much like to look at that.”  

Note: This NRA talking point has been thoroughly debunked and was called a “deadly American fantasy” by PBS NewsHour