For Immediate Release: 7/20/22

Contact: Phil Swibinski, (201) 978-8651

Rep. Chris Smith Joins Majority of House Republicans in Voting NO on Marriage Equality

GOP Bigotry, Extremism on Display as Smith Opposes Cherished Human Right

TRENTON, NJ – While every Democrat in the House of Representatives voted yesterday to codify the right to marriage equality into law, 157 House Republicans instead chose to support bigotry and homophobia by opposing this fundamental human right — and New Jersey Republican Congressman Chris Smith was one of them. The vote was taken in the wake of Republican appointees to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and telegraphing that they would do the same to other fundamental rights like same sex marriage and contraception. 

“It is disappointing that in the year 2022 anyone in elected office would oppose the fundamental right for people to love and marry who they want, but the fact that this kind of bigotry and extremism comes from right here in New Jersey is appalling,” said NJDSC Chairman LeRoy Jones. “The government has no business telling people who they can marry, just like it should not be forcing women to give birth. I hope to see the U.S. Senate pass this bill immediately and send it to President Biden’s desk so we can protect the right to marriage equality. Congressman Smith’s betrayal of basic human rights will not be forgotten and this vote will be a permanent stain on his record.”