New Jersey voters made history in November when we elected a twelve to one Democratic majority to the House of Representatives. This was a monumental victory that has allowed Democrats to finally take back our country and fight harder to protect the rights of all people.

In just two short months, our new Congressional Delegates have demonstrated they are ready to work hard and proudly represent New Jersey in Washington, D.C.

Andy Kim and Mikie Sherrill have been named to the House Armed Services Committee. Both of these newly elected lawmakers have national security experience and they will work to ensure that New Jersey’s military bases are protected and secure.

Jeff Van Drew is prepared to advocate for New Jersey farmers as a member of the Agricultural Committee, representing a major industry in his district. And Tom Malinowski has been named to both the Foreign Affairs and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees, where he can use his experience in diplomacy to advocate for New Jersey.

New Jersey’s entire delegation is ready to advocate for critical infrastructure upgrades, securing the funds we so desperately need for the Gateway Tunnel is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is proud of the accomplishments of our Congressional Delegations and look forward to working with these dedicated public servants to strengthen and better our country.