GOP Candidates Comments Drawing Renewed Scrutiny After Texas Abortion Ban Takes Effect

TRENTON, NJ — In the wake of the conservative majority on the Supreme Court’s failure to stop a blatantly unconstitutional abortion ban in Texas, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli’s effusive praise of Donald Trump’s radical appointments to the nation’s highest court is drawing renewed scrutiny. When asked at a May 2021 town hall meeting about Trump’s time in office, Assemblyman Ciattarelli said: “ … certainly his greatest legacy was the appointment of all the conservative judges to the federal bench, including the Supreme Court.” (Ciattarelli Virtual Town Hall, 5/18/21) 

Ciattarelli also promised to take the same approach as Trump in hijacking the court here in New Jersey, saying at a roundtable event: “Here’s something that gets me really excited about being governor of the state of New Jersey. Not just about fixing our state but I will get the opportunity if I have the privilege of serving two terms to nominate four Supreme Court justices and with a body of seven, that’s a new majority.” (New Jersey Constitutional Republicans Virtual Conversation, 5/13/21)

“When it comes to appointing extreme anti-choice judges there’s no difference between Donald Trump and Jack Ciattarelli — both of them would take our country back 50 years to a time when a woman had no say over her body and no voice in her healthcare,” said NJDSC Executive Director Saily Avelenda. “The last thing New Jersey needs is a governor who pledges to do to our state’s highest court what Donald Trump did to the Supreme Court. The travesty in Texas is all the more reason why we must elect allies like Governor Murphy who stand with women and fight for our rights, not extreme conservatives like Assemblyman Ciattarelli who will sell out women and side with the radical right-wing of the Republican Party.”