Desperate, Failing Ciattarelli Campaign Will Be Further Exposed as Wrong for New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ — With his campaign behind in the polls, his candidacy being rejected by most New Jersey voters, and vote-by-mail ballots already being returned, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is sure to double down on his Trump-style lies and extremism at tonight’s debate. Here’s what to expect from Assemblyman Ciattarelli as he desperately tries to make up ground at the debate: 

  1. More Trumpian Lies from a Campaign Facing a “Growing Crisis of Credibility

Assemblyman Ciattarelli has been channeling Donald Trump by peddling lies since the start of his campaign. He has consistently refused to acknowledge the fact that he headlined a “Stop the Steal” rally, lying over and over again despite clear video evidence. He falsely claimed that “children are not vulnerable” to COVID-19 and has spread baseless conspiracy theories about mask requirements. Expect Ciattarelli to continue lying about Governor Murphy’s record and distorting the facts to fit his extreme right-wing narrative. 

  1. Trump-Like Extreme Policy Positions Out of Step With New Jersey

If Jack Ciattarelli has made anything clear with his policy positions during this campaign, it’s that he’s no moderate — he’s running as a Trump-style extremist. Assemblyman Ciattarelli has embraced numerous extreme positions, from allowing concealed carry of firearms to making it harder for people to vote to attacking a woman’s right to choose and much more. Ciattarelli has proven again and again that he is totally beholden to the most extreme elements of the Republican Party and he can’t escape from the far-right positions he’s taken that are totally out of step with our state. 

  1. Personal Insults, Childish Antics and Other Trump-like Behavior

Jack Ciattarelli is always trying to be like his idol Donald Trump, from embracing his disastrous policy record to adopting his penchant for childish personal attacks on his opponent. His campaign has swung wildly at Governor Murphy and while none of these attacks have landed outside of Ciattarelli’s right-wing echo chamber, expect him to lob vicious attacks at the Governor in hopes of finding a viral moment — the last gasp of a desperate, failing campaign.