Chairman’s Update: NJ Budget Signed, a spotlight on Rob Menendez Jr., and more! 


After a week of continuously disappointing rulings coming out of the Supreme Court, Democrats in New Jersey are cementing their commitment to New Jerseyans’ right to their own body and healthcare decisions, clean air and water, and religious choice. It is hard not to feel like these rulings are illegitimate when they come from a Court that was carelessly packed by a President currently under investigation for leading an insurrection against our nation’s Capitol. It is even harder to think about what could come next, as we’ve heard Clarence Thomas discuss calling other previous decisions into question – including the ones protecting same-sex marriage and the use of contraception.

We cannot allow this to continue. President Biden met this moment by, for the first time, calling for an end to the filibuster if necessary to ensure that we can codify abortion rights into law. Our role is to make sure we keep our majorities in Congress by supporting representatives who will vote for our rights. 

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In a time like this, the historic swearing in of Ketanji Brown Jackson as the first Black Female Supreme Court Justice is a glimmer of hope in what otherwise feels like a dark time for the highest court in our land. I congratulate Justice Jackson and wish her the very best in the struggle for justice. 


Governor Murphy signed the FY2022- 2023 budget into law this week, which includes record levels of property tax relief, a permanent child care tax credit for all those making less than $150,000 per year, provides the highest level of school funding in history, and also lays the foundation for universal Pre-K

This historic budget confirms the Governor’s commitment to prioritizing affordability, equitability, and delivering record tax relief. In a time when wages are stagnant and prices are rising, our state is funding childcare, our schools, mass transit, healthcare, housing, help for our small businesses and paying down debt because Democrats in New Jersey are all about delivering the results that the middle class and working families deserve.

In Governor Murphy’s own words, “this budget continues to make New Jersey a stronger and more affordable state where opportunity can thrive.” 

Read my full statement thanking Governor Murphy and Democratic legislators for standing up for our values here.


Running in Congressional District 8, Rob Menendez is an advocate for expanding the Child Tax Credit, curbing gun violence, and upholding rights to organized labor. As a staunch defender of choice, he will fight to codify Roe, repeal the Hyde Amendment, and expand access to abortion pills. As an attorney, Menendez has fought to advance voting rights. He currently serves as a Commissioner of the Port Authority of NY and NJ and as a Trustee of The Hudson School in Hoboken, NJ.

To get involved in his campaign, visit his website:


President Biden was in Europe this week to meet with NATO and G7 leadership in what was called the “most productive foreign summit in years”. Here are some of the major takeaways from the President’s time abroad:

  • Finland and Sweden were formally invited to become members of the NATO Alliance, which undercuts Putin’s strength capabilities in the area and makes NATO itself stronger
  • G7 Leaders committed to continuing to provide financial, humanitarian, and military support for Ukraine “for as long as it takes».
  •  President Biden is sending ​​$800 million in weapons and military aid to Ukraine in order to, with NATO, continue to stand up to Putin

Putin’s attempts to brutally take over Ukraine are wrong and the human rights abuses involved in his conquest have been vast – it is important that we continue to stand with President Velensky and the people of Ukraine in their fight for continued independence and freedom, ideals we value and fight for here in the United States.  

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

P.S. – Monday is the 4th of July and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the formation of the new NJDSC Veterans Caucus. Veterans are the reason we maintain the independence and freedom that we celebrate on July 4th and we are proud to have a dedicated caucus to be able to better focus on the issues most important to our veteran community in NJ.

The NJDSC Veterans Caucus will also be hosting a kick-off event on July 27 – more info to come in our Coalitions newsletter next week!