GOP Candidate’s Embrace of Extreme Right-Wing Fringe Continues

TRENTON, NJ — Another day, another instance of Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli pandering to the most extreme right-wing fringes of his base. The Republican gubernatorial candidate told an anti-vaccine group that he supports adding a so-called “Philosophical Exemption” to childhood vaccine mandates for diseases like measles and the mumps, according to a story in POLITICO. This dangerous, anti-science proposal could lead to lower vaccine rates among New Jersey children, putting the health of all New Jerseyans in jeopardy. It’s just the latest example of Assemblyman Ciattarelli playing to the most extreme right-wing elements of the Republican Party, just like he did by praising Donald Trump, begging for “Wiggle Room” to lie about his record and attacking the LGBTQ community

«Jack Ciattarelli never misses an opportunity to appeal to the most extreme fringes of his right-wing base, and now his latest idea is to cave into the anti-vaccine movement by drastically weakening school districts’ ability to ensure that children are vaccinated,” said NJDSC spokesman Phil Swibinski. “This would open the floodgates for more anti-science disinformation and make all our kids less safe, potentially even allowing dangerous diseases like measles and the mumps to re-emerge here as they have in other states with large anti-vax contingencies. At a time when we need our leaders to promote science and truth more than ever, Jack Ciattarelli makes it more clear every time he opens his mouth that he is absolutely unqualified to be Governor.”