We’re in crunch time — the election is just days away on Tuesday and it’s all hands on deck to re-elect Governor Phil Murphy and Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver as well as Democrats up and down the ballot. Remember, there are three ways to vote in this critical election:

Already voted and want to help elect Democrats? You can sign up to help in a variety of different ways here, including attending a local event, calling or texting voters, and more. 

The future of our state is at stake in this election, and it will all come down to whether or not Democrats turn out to vote. Join us in doing the work to ensure victory now, so we can enjoy a brighter tomorrow in New Jersey. 

With Election Day approaching fast, Governor Murphy and his team are pulling out all the stops. From hosting rallies with major Democratic figures like President Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders to partnering with community leaders to organize and get out the vote. Governor Murphy has been there for us, and now we need to be there for him. It’s time to vote, time to volunteer, time to talk to your friends and neighbors, and time to re-elect our Governor and Lt. Governor. Sign up here to get involved. 

On to victory together, 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.