TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr., and Vice Chair Peg Schaffer are releasing the following statement reacting to the Supreme Court’s failure to act on the draconian abortion ban passed by the Texas legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott:

“This ban on abortions in Texas is a blatantly unconstitutional, shockingly cruel and incredibly dangerous assault on women’s rights to control their own bodies, their own futures and their own healthcare. It is absolutely unconscionable that the conservative majority of the United States Supreme Court chose to cowardly ignore this incredibly important matter, allowing the Texas law to take effect without so much as a written opinion. This is the sadly predictable outcome of decades of concerted effort by the far right to undermine abortion rights and ultimately defeat Roe v. Wade.  

We all know that Republicans will not rest until they plunge our country back into a bygone era of subjugation for women, where women’s personal medical decisions are decided by men, and women are forced to risk their own lives to get medical care.

We must stand up and fight back against this radical conservative assault on women. Elections have consequences, and we all must do everything in our power to support candidates who will speak up for women and support abortion rights, to pass legislation that will protect those rights like the Reproductive Freedom Act here in New Jersey, and to defeat politicians who seek to undermine women’s rights and enact radical conservative policies.”