TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr., is releasing the following statement reacting to former Supreme Court Justice John E. Wallace selecting the new Congressional map proposed by the Democratic commission delegation:

«This new Congressional map negotiated by our Democratic commission delegation and Justice Wallace meets the principles that we aspired to at the outset of this process and ensures that we have fair districts that will enhance minority representation and accurately reflect the partisan and demographic composition of our state. This map sets us on a path to victory in 2022 and our New Jersey Democratic State Committee will now shift our focus to working closely with each of our congressional campaigns to build capacity, connect with voters and bring out the support needed to win these seats and help Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives. I would like to thank all the members of our delegation and professional staff for their dedication to our party and our values, and also thank Justice Wallace for once again showing the fair and even handed decision making that has marked his entire career.»