NJDSC Chairman Releases Statement Declaring Lt. Gov. the Winner of Tonight’s Debate

TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr., is releasing the following statement on Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver’s victory in tonight’s debate:

“During tonight’s Lieutenant Governor debate, we again witnessed the stark contrast in visions for our state and why the stakes in this election are so high. For almost two years, Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor Oliver have led our state through the COVID-19 pandemic, always putting science over politics, and they have fought for working families in New Jersey since day one. I have had the privilege of knowing Sheila Oliver for many years and I have seen firsthand what a tremendous public servant she is and how hard she works for the people of New Jersey. She is a true advocate for social justice, education, and women’s rights, and I cannot be prouder of my friend tonight. Assemblyman Ciattarelli and Senator Allen, on the other hand, have embraced a far right-wing agenda that is out of step with our values in New Jersey. They would undo the incredible progress that we have made as a state, and we cannot afford to go backward. We must continue the work that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor have started and ensure a stronger and fairer New Jersey for all.”