Even more political leaders have stepped forward to stand with Senator Bob Menendez. See what they are saying by following @IStandWithBob and visiting http://www.istandwithbob.com.


State Democratic Vice-Chair Lizette Delgado-Polanco: “Senator Menendez has been a leader for New Jersey and a true friend to labor. He has fought for policies that have put people to work, upgrade our crumbling infrastructure, improve conditions for women, and advance the middle and working class.  He has stood up to big corporations and special interests, and refused to back down from his core principles, no matter who has challenged them.”


“There is a special place for Senator Menendez in the hearts and minds of everyone in the Latino community. He has been our champion and an inspiration to future generations of young Hispanics in pursuit of the American Dream. New Jersey’s Latino community is greatly indebted to Senator Menendez for his life-long commitment to comprehensive immigration reform.”


“I have known Bob Menendez for decades. He is as passionate as his compassionate.  He has devoted his entire career in public service to lifting up the most vulnerable in our society and lending his voice to the voiceless. He fights for the issues he believes are in the best interest of our state and the nation. Nothing I have heard changes my opinion of the Bob Menendez we all know, respect and admire.»


Essex County State Senator Teresa Ruiz: «This year, I was honored when Senator Menendez asked me to join him as he recognized five trailblazing women from our state in the name of his mother, Evangelina. The impact that she had on him was clear from the passion and emotion in his voice. He learned his famous work ethic from watching his mother work long hours in harsh conditions to make ends meet. Knowing that she left everything she had ever known behind in Cuba just to give him a shot at a better life taught him that when it comes to doing what’s right, there’s no obstacle that’s too big. It’s what drives him to fight for working families and it’s what drives him to stand up every single day until women are given rights equal to men.”


“I know that my friend, Bob, will not back down and he has my support.»


Camden Mayor Dana Redd: «During my time as Mayor, I have confronted a number of challenges to improve the quality of life for Camden’s residents. From making our neighborhoods safer, to stabilizing our finances, to stimulating economic development, to tackling education reform, real progress has been made because of the many partners who have assisted us and believe in Camden —- partners like Senator Menendez. Without a doubt, Senator Menendez has always been a true champion in Washington for Camden.  When state budget cuts forced us to make tough decisions, the Senator fought to bring back federal funds to keep our residents safe.”


“I hope that the presumption of his innocence is respected and look forward to him being given the opportunity to defend himself against these accusations.»


Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise: «Even though Bob Menendez has made it all the way to the United States Senate, he’s never forgotten that he started as a young man in Hudson County fighting to improve access to education. It’s what drives him to keep fighting for the what’s most important to us, things like funding to expand the Hudson Bergen Light Rail, fixing our immigration system, and expanding access to health care.”


“Bob’s opponents have been trying to bring him down for years and have failed miserably every time. I have full confidence that he’ll get through this and won’t let it distract him from doing the job that he was elected to do by the people of New Jersey.»


Assemblyman Jamel Holley: “I can speak about the Senator’s efforts to help the people in Union County,” said Assemblyman Jamel Holley. “Specifically, Senator Menendez was a leader in securing funding for the Rahway River study to help prevent flooding in Union County. Over the years, he has consistently provided federal funding to support our local police and fire departments. He has also been a leader in helping Superstorm Sandy victims, as well as promoting diversity at all levels of the public and private sector.”


“It is important for us all to remember that the Senator is innocent until proven guilty, and I look forward to hearing his response to the allegations in a court of law.”


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis: “During my time as Mayor it has been an honor and privilege to share Bayonne’s constituency with Bob Menendez. As a Senator, he fights for us, is an advocate for Bayonne on the Federal level, but, moreover, is a true friend and ally of all the people who call New Jersey home.”


“With regard to these charges: They are an accusation. As Americans we are all entitled to the presumption of innocence and the impartiality of the justice system – As such, I await and look forward to the resolution of his case.”