In Bizarre Moment GOP Candidate Claims He Doesn’t Support Concealed Carry Laws, Then Quickly Admits That He Does

TRENTON, NJ — At last night’s first gubernatorial debate, Republican candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli was completely caught in a lie about his extreme positions on gun safety laws, then forced to immediately backtrack in a bizarre moment that exposed his out-of-touch position on concealed carry. When Governor Phil Murphy attacked Ciattarelli for supporting concealed carry laws, it led to the following exchange:


Murphy: This is a fact. He supports concealed carry — 

Ciattarelli: That’s not true — 

Murphy: It is true!

Ciattarelli: It is not true!

Murphy: In fact, you said for certain professions like that really dangerous one, realtors. You voted against background checks, you voted against banning 50 caliber weapons — 

Ciattarelli: Talk to female realtors who do open houses.

Murphy: You voted against reducing bullets in magazines. We have the strongest gun safety laws of any state in America. You’re going to make us less safe.

Ciattarelli: Talk to people who replenish ATMs and female realtors who sit at open houses all day by themselves.

Murphy: You gotta be kidding.

Contrary to Ciattarelli’s lies, he has supported expanding concealed carry laws throughout the campaign — the position is actually spelled out directly on his campaign website which says: “Advocate for ‘concealed carry’ for certain dangerous professions.”

“Jack Ciattarelli can’t even keep his lies straight anymore. He attempted to lie to voters last night about his embrace of yet another extreme right-wing cause in allowing concealed carry of firearms and falsely accused Governor Murphy of lying about a policy position that is literally spelled out on Ciattarelli’s own website,” said NJDSC Spokesman Philip Swibinski. “Last night’s debate once again proved two things: that Jack Ciattarelli is absolutely unfit to be Governor, and that Governor Murphy is the only candidate in this election who both understands what New Jersey needs, and actually remembers his own policy positions.”