Diverse Groups of Community Leaders are providing insight into why they stand with their friend & champion, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. See what other people are saying about Senator Bob Menendez by following @IStandWithBob and visiting http://www.istandwithbob.com.


New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech and Secretary-Treasurer Laurel Brennan said in a joint statement:

“Bob Menendez has been fighting for working families his entire life. As a teenager, Menendez became the youngest person ever elected to the local school board after waging a campaign when his high school wouldn’t provide books to students who couldn’t afford them. Menendez stood up to corruption in his hometown of Union City, even when it meant testifying against a political mentor. His convictions haven’t waivered in Congress, where he has been an important voice for working families.  Whether advocating to keep immigrant families together, supporting affordable education, fighting for gender pay equality or reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, Menendez is a dependable ally to those who most need a voice.”


Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“My fervent hope is that Senator Menendez emerges from the current troubles stronger than ever.  For he is not only the senior Senator for New Jersey; he is also the senior Senator for Latinos in America.”


The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, Autism Advocates:

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is grateful for the leadership of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez who has for years been the architect and champion of every major piece of legislation that benefits and opens doors for people living with Autism. He stood alone in the halls of Congress fighting for the Autism Cares Act and explained and rallied the support of those who did not understand the needs. We must have his continued leadership in Washington!”


Joint Statement of the Jewish Federations of New Jersey:

“Senator Menendez has been a passionate spokesperson for the U.S.-Israel relationship, a guardian of Israel’s security interests and, as has been shown over and again, he has been the foremost proponent in the U.S. Senate for opposition to a nuclear armed Iran.  At the same time, Senator Menendez has responded affirmatively on so many levels to the pleas of the most vulnerable in our society who seek equity, and to the calls for justice from citizens who have suffered abuse of their human rights and dignity.

“The merits of the allegations against the Senator will take their own course; any rush to judgement would tarnish a record of service to state and nation that is surpassed by few of those who we, as Americans and residents of New Jersey, have chosen to represent us.”


Lionel “Lonnie” Kaplan, Jewish Community Leader:

“Bob is the ultimate fighter, principled to his core, who always speaks out against injustice wherever it occurs. He is the bulwark against a bad nuclear deal with Iran, deeply respected by Democrats and Republicans in Congress for his wisdom and dedication to standing up for our national security interests, defending our allies, and opposing our foes.

I’m fortunate to call him a friend, and New Jersey is lucky to call him our Senator.”


George Kasimos, STOP FEMA Now Leader:

”The senator’s office contacted us. That is the difference between him and virtually every other elected official,” said Kasimos, 48, who mentioned thousands of people still displaced down the Shore after the October 2012 storm. He’s just one guy, but least he’s trying. He pushed through the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act [of 2014] during arguably the most unproductive Congress in American history. He gives us hope.”


Brent Wilkes, Executive Director League of United Latin American Citizens:

“Senator Bob Menendez has been the Latino community’s biggest and most consistent champion during the entire time he has been in Congress.

“From leading the charge on comprehensive immigration reform to ensuring Latinos were covered by the Affordable Care Act and from protecting Latino consumers from deceptive practices to opening new doors for small business owners, Bob Menendez has delivered hard-fought legislative victories to Latinos on our top priorities throughout his career.”