There are less than two weeks until Election Day and we need your help to get more Democrats out to vote. Republicans have made it clear that they have no solutions, only rhetoric. They have made clear that protecting our working families is not a priority for them, only protecting the rich. They don’t want to protect your reproductive freedom; they want to restrict itThat’s why we need Democratic leaders in office who are ready to fight for the people of New Jersey. I sat down with David Cruz of NJ Spotlight News recently to talk about this critical election, and you can watch highlights from my interview here.


Governor Murphy and Attorney General Matt Platkin announced $20 million in violence intervention funding for community-based and hospital organizations that are working to eradicate cycles of violence in New Jersey. 

These programs work with people at risk of violence, victims in the wake of violent incidents, and with individuals and communities impacted by gun violence. These efforts play a major role in what has made New Jersey a national leader on reducing gun violence and reflects a key component of the Murphy Administration’s efforts to tackle the root causes of violent crime and stop gun violence before it starts.

Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (HVIPs) reach survivors of violence in the hospital. There, case managers and social service providers try to meet victims’ basic needs and support them, while also working to prevent retaliation.

Community-based Violence Intervention programs (CVIPs) include professionals that have credibility in the communities where they work who reach out to those at the center of violence in their communities, build relationships, and work to support healing and address conflict. These programs also often offer other forms of support including housing, education , and employment opportunities.


The deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot by mail is this Tuesday, November 1 – less than a week away. Early in-person voting also opens this weekend throughout the state. Early voting by mail or in person is easy and convenient–why risk the chance that you will be busy on Election Day?  Ask for a ballot now, or find an early vote location and vote. No matter how you want to get it done, now is the time to ensure you and your friends and family have a voting plan for Election Day.

You can use the Voter Resources page on our website to check voter registration status, apply to vote by mail, and track your ballot. 

There are also several ways to get involved in the days leading up to the election:

The Veterans Caucus will be getting out the vote for veterans in New Jersey on Sunday, October 30th. Sign up here!

The LGBTQ+ Caucus is hosting a phone bank on Thursday, November 3rd to support LGBTQ+ candidates running for office in New Jersey. Sign up here!

The South Asian American Caucus is hosting a get out the vote text bank for our frontline congressional districts on Tuesday, November 1st and Monday, November 7th. Sign up here!

Finally, the Young Voter Text Bank is happening Tuesday, November 1st and Thursday, November 3rd for people who have recently turned 18 or will be 18 by Election Day. Sign up here!


President Biden announced this week that his administration is cracking down on hidden “junk” fees, which would save American consumers more than one billion dollars each year.

Biden called for agencies to reduce or eliminate hidden fees, charges, and add-ons for everything from banking services to cable and internet bills to airline and concert tickets. Bank overdraft and non-sufficient funds fees accounted for an estimated $15.5 billion in revenue for banks in 2019, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

“These junk fees benefit big corporations. Not consumers. Not working families. And that changes now,” said President Biden during the announcement. This move is part of the Biden administration’s focus of putting more money into the pockets of middle and working-class Americans and holding big corporations accountable. Democrats, led by President Biden and Vice President Harris, have been fighting at every turn to make everyday life more affordable for Americans by tackling inflation and lowering the cost of goods from gas to commonly needed medications. Eliminating these predatory “junk” fees returns money from banks and corporations and back into the hands of American people – where it belongs.

Click here to learn more about what junk fees are, why they are a concern, and what the Biden-Harris Administration is doing to address them.

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

P.S. Happy Halloween to all those who will be celebrating and remember–there is nothing scarier than a Republican-controlled Congress! So join in and help us elect Democrats to fight for our rights.