Republican gubernatorial contender Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is in a tough spot. Members of his party are already fighting amongst themselves for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, jockeying against each other for primacy among the QAnon, anti-mask conservative electorate. That can’t be helpful to a campaign struggling to break through with voters against a popular incumbent in Governor Phil Murphy. But with his two biggest political heroes now appearing to be on a collision course, what’s Jack going to do?

OPTION A: Stick with the Donald! 

While he spoke out against Donald Trump years ago, Jack’s tune changed quickly when he saw how popular Trump (somehow still) is with Republican voters. Ciattarelli has gone all in on the Trump Train in the last few years, endorsing his re-election campaign and headlining a “Stop the Steal” rally, where far-right extremists spread dangerous conspiracy theories about the results of the 2020 election being illegitimate. How can Jack resist supporting another Trump run for President? 

OPTION B: Go Back to Christie!

Not so fast Donald — there’s an even more toxic political figure ready to run! Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie left office with the worst favorability ratings in state history, but that hasn’t stopped him from thinking he should be President. Ciattarelli and Christie have been close partners on many issues, from attacking teachers and other public employees, to supporting Christie’s disastrous fiscal management that led to 11 credit rating downgrades, to even cheerleading for Christie’s historically terrible call to stop the ARC tunnel project. They’ve had so many good times together, how can Jack not be in Christie’s corner? 

No matter which decision Jack Ciattarelli makes, we know that he’s the wrong choice for New Jersey — because someone this close to Donald Trump AND Chris Christie can never be trusted to lead our state.