Facebook Ads Spread Public Health Disinformation to Support Failing Campaign

TRENTON, NJ — In a shocking, irresponsible act straight out of the Trump playbook, Republican gubernatorial candidate Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli is raising money for his campaign by running ads on Facebook undermining commonsense public health measures that keep New Jerseyans safe, schools open and the economy moving forward. Available publicly via Facebook’s ad library, the ads prompt recipients to sign up for Ciattarelli’s fundraising list to “Say No” to mask mandates and vaccine requirements. The ads are the latest in a long list of examples of Assemblyman Ciattarelli siding with the extreme right-wing fringe of the Republican Party and spreading dangerous anti-science conspiracy theories.

“Jack Ciattarelli’s shameful attempt to undermine public health and spread disinformation so he can put some desperately needed cash in his campaign’s bank account is the latest in his long history of appeals to the most extreme fringe elements of the Republican Party,” said NJDSC Spokesman Phil Swibinski. “Republican grifters like Assemblyman Ciattarelli are always ready to capitalize on the latest right-wing craze — his next round of ads supporting the right to take horse paste can’t be far behind. With the ongoing pandemic, Ciattarelli’s willingness to put lives at risk to play Trump politics is another example of why he’s unfit to lead New Jersey.”