Former Governor Rakes in $240,000 Lobbying for COVID-19 Funding, Continues Shameful Record of Putting Himself First and NJ Last

TRENTON, NJ — Since the pandemic began Chris Christie has kept himself busy by taking frequent cheap shots at his successor, Governor Phil Murphy. But Christie has also been working hard at another task: making himself rich by cashing in on the COVID-19 crisis. According to POLITICO, Christie has raked in $240,000 from corporate clients in the last three months alone, trading on his connections within the Trump administration to steer tens of millions of dollars in federal funds to his new benefactors. 

“Even after leaving office as the least popular Governor in New Jersey history, Chris Christie is still squeezing the orange — now, instead of taking lavish gifts from Sheldon Adelson and King Abdullah and helicopter rides from taxpayers, he’s getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to join the D.C. swamp and deliver federal funds to anyone willing to pay him,” said Philip Swibinski, NJDSC Spokesman. “Christie has always put himself first and New Jersey last, and profiting off of the pandemic is just the latest example. Of course, New Jersey Republicans are too busy spreading conspiracy theories and filing frivolous lawsuits to bother calling out their favorite ex-governor for cashing in on COVID.”