Chairman John Currie slammed the Christie administration for releasing a web video that mocks the governor’s broken promise to pensioners and the suffering caused by his economic failures.


(Trenton) — Today, the Christie administration created yet another reason to be publicly ridiculed, releasing an 80 second web video that mimics a blockbuster movie trailer and mocks the promise that the governor made to pensioners — a promise that he promptly broke.


“Sandy victims continue to suffer from the Christie administration’s neglect and the rest of the state’s economy is in ruins, and yet the governor is mocking the pain and suffering he’s causing middle class families — it’s completely offensive, especially since this was probably the work of staff that received 23 percent raises,” said Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, John Currie. “Sadly, the governor’s bizarre Hollywood fantasy is not the action drama his team imagines, it’s a horror film that never seems to end.”

The Christie economy is the definition of failure. Superstorm Sandy survivors are still paying mortgages on their uninhabitable homes. Christie’s economic stewardship has resulted in a record six state credit downgrades. His overly optimistic revenue projections blew a gigantic hole in New Jersey’s 2014 budget. And, New Jersey ranks 49th in the nation in private-sector job growth while unemployment has been consistently high compared to neighboring states.