The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is talking about what Chris Christie will not: his record.


What’s He Running From? Oh, Yeah… His Record!


(Trenton) – The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is talking about what Chris Christie will not: his record.


After Democratic gubernatorial nominee Senator Barbara Buono urged Mr. Christie to “man up” and take responsibility for his record of failed economic policies, the governor has continued to say, well… nothing.


“Chris Christie has a record to run from, not on, but he cannot dodge that record forever,” said Matt Farrauto Communications Director for the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. “Avoiding serious questions and accountability has a limited lifespan as a strategy.  Just ask Mitt Romney*, with whom Christie has a lot in common. Christie’s leadership has consisted of coddling New Jersey millionaires at the expense of the state’s middle and working class and has led directly to the highest unemployment rate in the region and crippling property tax increases for those that can least afford them. With New Jerseyans suffering from Chris Christie’s back-breaking economic policies every day, we simply cannot afford to wait until 2016 to send him packing, we need to seize the opportunity and retire him November 5th.”


No Press Questions – Governor Christie’s last public availability was on Sept. 18, when he hosted a Statehouse news conference for the signing of a bill that expanded corporate tax breaks in New Jersey. And, as PolitickerNJ reported, when questioned about the significance of “the lack” of public availabilities, the governor’s spokesperson responded tersely, suggesting that any story that highlighted his inaccessibility would be “whiny.”


No Comment — Despite repeated requests for proof that traffic-snarling lane closures on the George Washington Bridge were not a potentially illegal act of retribution directed toward Bergen County officials that refused to endorse his re-election, Governor Christie and his appointees have still not released any information on the supposed “study” they were conducting. Even multiple requests from sitting state Senator Loretta Weinberg have been simply ignored.

  • “Agency spokespeople ignored repeated requests for comment yesterday.”
  • “A spokesman for the governor’s office, Colin Reed, declined to comment.”
  • “Kevin Roberts, a spokesman for Christie’s gubernatorial campaign, did not respond to phone and email inquiries.”


No Hearings — When Sandy survivors attended legislative hearings on the botched effort to quickly rebuild homes and restore livelihoods, Christie administration officials refused to even attend.


  • As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, “For the third time, top state officials – including a so-called Hurricane Sandy czar – failed to attend a bipartisan legislative hearing on the progress of recovery efforts from still-homeless storm victims and others.”


No Discussion — Christie agreed to only two debates, with the second scheduled on the eve of the $12 million special election that he made taxpayers finance.  Minimal debates mean minimal questions and accountability, both trademarks of the Christie Administration in the face of outrageous property tax increases and high unemployment as a result of Chris Christie’s awful fiscal stewardship on behalf of New Jersey residents.


*Despite winning a gubernatorial election in Massachusetts by more than 100,000 votes, Mitt Romney lost the state’s Electoral College votes in his bid for the White House in 2012 by more than 20 percentage points (37.59% to Barack Obama’s 60.78%).