The tragic situation in Ukraine is continuing to unfold, with the Russian invasion of this peaceful country drawing outrage around the globe. Here at the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, we stand unequivocally with the Ukrainian people and commend leaders from our country and on the global stage that are coming together to support the resistance and hold Vladimir Putin accountable for this unprovoked, unlawful act of aggression. If you would like to support the Ukrainian cause, here are some resources and places where donations can be made. 

Here at home COVID-19 cases continue to decline, giving our leaders the opportunity to ease public health restrictions in a responsible way based on science. The country also added 678,000 new jobs in February according to data released today – strong growth that, combined with the decline in new COVID cases, is a positive sign our economy continues to move in the right direction. Finally, President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure plan will continue to boost our economy moving forward, while making much-needed investments in our roads, bridges, broadband connectivity and much more. 

Of course, we have much more work to do both here and across the globe to fight against injustice and help people live a better life. But the signs of progress we are seeing here in our country, and of the global community coming together to stand up to fascism, are both incredibly inspiring. 


This week, Governor Phil Murphy announced a new plan to address our state’s affordability crisis by providing direct property tax relief to homeowners and renters. The ANCHOR Property Tax Relief Program would provide direct rebate checks to 2 million New Jerseyans, helping lower their out-of-pocket costs at a time when inflation continues to rise. This much-needed program would help ease the burden residents are facing and position them for success as the economy continues to improve. I applaud Governor Murphy and our Democratic legislators for their willingness to tackle the property tax issue and make sure that New Jersey remains the best place in the country to live, work and raise a family. We need to continue to focus on the very real impact of property taxes on our state economy.  

Governor Murphy is also continuing his commitment to equity and inclusion, nominating a slate of judicial appointments with a historic level of diversity. This is a great step forward for representation for all of the communities that make up our New Jersey family. 


President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address this week, projecting the kind of unity and leadership we need at this tumultuous time. Among many other priorities, the President released a four point Unity Plan designed to tackle important issues in a bipartisan way. Issues like beating the opioid crisis, improving mental health care, supporting veterans and putting an end to cancer as we know it can all be tackled together, as a unified country. President Biden was elected to bring stability and leadership to our country after four chaotic years under Donald Trump, and he’s proving again that we made the right choice in backing him. Read my full statement on the SOTU here.


The campaign to defeat Republican Jeff Van Drew is heating up, and if you want to learn more about the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination you can sign up here to attend a virtual meet and greet event to learn more about their platforms and ideas. This event is hosted by partners of the NJDSC. 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.