With the Primary Election now behind us, it’s time to turn our sights to the General Election and the opportunity we have desperately wanted for the last four years. We have the chance now to defeat Donald Trump and his allies like Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith, while re-electing Senator Booker and our tremendous Democratic Congressional delegation. 

But beating Trump and his cronies isn’t going to be easy. Trump and the Republicans have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from their special interest backers, and they are going to run nasty, negative campaigns against all of our candidates. We need to be able to fight back, and the only way we can ensure a level playing field is with your support. 

Can you donate today to help us beat Trump and bring another Blue Wave to New Jersey?

Our state went through hell in the Spring, and while we have seen incredible progress in fighting COVID-19 we can’t lose focus now. Some early warning signs are now visible that cases are increasing, and with major outbreaks throughout much of the country the possibility of people traveling into New Jersey and bringing the virus with them is very possible. Governor Murphy is continuing to take decisive action to stop the Coronavirus, and this week he announced a new executive order to mandate wearing masks while outside when social distancing isn’t possible. 

For up to date information regarding new cases and directives regarding coronavirus, visit the state’s dedicated COVID-19 Information Hub or follow Governor Murphy’s official pages on social media. 

Twitter: @GovMurphy



When Democrats won the House of Representatives in 2018, New Jersey played a leading role. Breakthrough victories by Mikie Sherrill, Tom Malinowski and Andy Kim helped flip three traditionally Republican seats and Josh Gottheimer won his second term representing another competitive district. Together, these wins helped make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker and have enabled Congress to hold the Trump administration accountable. 

While we are excited to support all of our incumbent Democrats, we also have two new candidates who each won decisive victories in Tuesday’s primaries. I would like to congratulate Amy Kennedy and Stephanie Schmid on their impressive victories in the 2nd and 4th districts.

Amy and Stephanie represent exactly the kind of new energy our party needs — they are bold leaders who will fight for working families and the middle class and take real action to improve the lives of the people in their districts. Our state party will be working closely with both of their campaigns as we fight to defeat Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith and rid our state of Trump enablers who have consistently put their own interests ahead of New Jersey.

Thank you,

Chairman John Currie