This week has seen several monumental victories for our party in key legal battles concerning legislative and congressional redistricting. Our goal in both of these processes has been simple – to arrive at maps that are constitutional, that reflect the growing diversity of our state, and that give Democrats the opportunity to win and to protect our majorities in both Washington and Trenton.  

As you know, last week, I chose to make a change on the Apportionment Commission and appoint Laura Matos to the Commission.  I am happy to report that this week, a judge upheld my decision. With the addition of Ms. Matos, the Apportionment Commission now better reflects the diversity of our state.  Also this week, the State Supreme Court rejected a Republican challenge to the new Congressional map for failure to state a claim.  

Both of these victories will put Democrats in a solid position to win in both 2022 and 2023, allowing our party to continue pursuing policy objectives that lift up working families, make our economy more fair and vital, and create more opportunities for people who need them. As Chairman, that is my mission and I’m very glad to have done what is necessary to make that happen.   

Watch my remarks at a recent legislative apportionment hearing to hear more about the importance of ensuring diversity and proper representation on the commission, and read more from advocacy groups, legislators and more who support the appointment of Laura Matos here.  


Governor Murphy nominated one of the state’s most distinguished and brilliant legal minds to be our next Attorney General in Matt Platkin. I have had the privilege to know Matt for several years, and I echo the sentiments of so many state legislators, clergy members, social justice advocates and so many others who are supportive of this nomination. I look forward to seeing Matt Platkin get to work on the many important initiatives he will undertake to make New Jersey stronger and fairer.  

Watch Governor Murphy nominate Matt Platkin for Attorney General here.


Newly released reports today show that the economy created almost 500,000 new jobs in January, which is far ahead of expectations and reflects the continued rebound of our economy under President Biden’s leadership. In fact, the last year has been the greatest 12 months of job creation in our nation’s history, and we can expect to see more improvements as the numbers of new COVID-19 cases continue to drop with the Omicron wave nearing an end.  

As always, Democrats are doing the work to get our economy moving and create more opportunities for the American people, while Republicans fixate on culture war issues and grievance politics designed to rally their base. We have to get this message to every voter as we near the midterms later this year – Democrats are fighting for the people and delivering real results.  

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.