With the weather getting warmer and Spring approaching, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is working to support our Democratic candidates up and down the ballot this Fall. Recently, we welcomed two new members to our team who will work with our Executive Director Saily Avelenda and the rest of our staff to build out the programming, outreach and campaigns we need to win key elections this year. I would like to welcome our new Deputy Executive Director Leslye Moya and Coalitions Director Kinn Badger to our team, both of whom are dedicated, experienced leaders who will significantly expand our party’s capabilities. 


Earlier this week Governor Murphy delivered his annual budget address to the state legislature, where he laid out his administration’s fiscal priorities for the year. With the steady hand of Governor Murphy and our Democratic legislators on the helm, New Jersey’s financial outlook is continuing to improve – we actually received our first credit rating upgrade in over a decade recently, a testament to the hard work that has been done to get out of the hole left behind by Chris Christie and the Republicans. 

Governor Murphy’s budget includes numerous investments in our people and our future, and it drew widespread praise not just from his fellow Democrats but from advocacy groups, business leaders and more. From investing in our children with expanded health care coverage and school funding, to building more affordable housing, to providing property tax relief for both middle class homeowners and renters and much more, this budget is meant to make New Jersey more affordable while building for our future. Read my full statement on Governor Murphy’s budget here. 


Continuing his steadfast support for the people of Ukraine and efforts to isolate Russia on the international stage and decimate its economy, President Biden announced a ban on Russian oil imports. Along with the economic sanctions already leveled against Putin’s regime, the goal of this policy is to send a clear message that Russian aggression will not be tolerated. While this decision will cause pain at gas pumps, this is a shared sacrifice that pales in comparison to the upheaval and humanitarian crisis being experienced by the Ukrainian people. I commend President Biden for holding Putin accountable and doing what’s needed to provide true global leadership. 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.