This week Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has withstood increasingly troubling attacks from Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee while showing an inspiring level of grace and poise. It’s clear that the Republicans have no argument against Judge Jackson’s sterling qualifications, so they have pulled out the Trump playbook once again to smear this decorated legal scholar. It’s unfortunate, but not at all surprising. 

While Republicans continue to embarrass themselves, our own U.S. Senator Cory Booker showed why his leadership is so essential. Senator Booker delivered a moving speech about Judge Jackson’s unique place in history, being on the brink of striking a blow for equality that is truly unprecedented. In doing so, he once again reminded us how lucky New Jersey is to have Cory Booker representing us in Washington. Watch Cory’s heartfelt speech here


With the chaos in Ukraine continuing, Governor Murphy is answering the call to accept refugees from the war-torn country. This comes on the heels of Governor Murphy appearing at local Ukrainian churches and community centers to show his support, as well as working with federal representatives to help collect donations and ship them overseas. The firm resistance the Ukrainian people are showing to Russian aggression is inspiring, and we’re glad to see Governor Murphy leading the way. 


President Biden’s leadership was on display again this week as he traveled to Europe to meet with other world leaders and rally support for the Ukrainian cause. The President met with leaders of the G7 nations and pressed for additional sanctions on the Putin regime and the Russian economy. Along with the direct military aid supplied to the Ukrainians, this kind of international cooperation led by the United States is critical. 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. 

P.S. – Good luck to New Jersey’s own Saint Peter’s University tonight in their Sweet 16 matchup against Purdue!