We already know that Jack Ciattarelli is out of touch with New Jersey on political issues ranging from his support of Donald Trump to his opposition to women’s health funding and his willingness to weaken gun safety laws, among many other examples. But perhaps the most surprising way that Ciattarelli is out of the mainstream is his opposition to free speech — namely, his support for a ban on cursing when he served on the Raritan Borough Council. We decided to have some fun with that strange policy position this week, releasing a new ad showing real New Jerseyans reacting to Ciattarelli’s cursing ban in a truly Jersey way. What we never expected was for it to be seen over 1.3 million times on Twitter, to be covered by CNN and the Huffington Post and to become one of the most talked about political ads in years! 

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out here and share with your friends.

With less than four weeks to go until Election Day, our party is all in for Governor Murphy and Democrats running up and down the ballot all over the state.

You can sign up to volunteer with our Forward 2021 team here to do your part to keep our state on the right track. 


Did you apply for a vote-by-mail ballot? Unless you’re one of thousands of New Jersey Democrats who have already sent their ballot back in, your ballot is probably sitting on your kitchen table right now just waiting to be filled out. Governor Murphy is urging all New Jersey Democrats to get your ballots in now to make your voice heard and your vote count. You can find a list of convenient ballot drop box locations here, or simply drop your completed ballot in the mail — no postage required!


Four years ago, Democrat Michael Soriano defeated a longtime incumbent to become the first Hispanic Mayor of Parsippany. Since then, Mayor Soriano and his team have made incredible progress, creating more open space, attracting new businesses and cleaning up the corruption of the former regime. Mayor Soriano and his team of Cori Herbig and Judy Hernandez for Council are running to keep moving Parsippany forward — you can learn more about them here on their Facebook page and support their campaign.


Under President Biden’s leadership the U.S. economy is coming back strong, with 5 million jobs created in the eight months since he took office. But President Biden knows, just like Governor Murphy does, that our recovery is fragile and dependent on beating back COVID-19 and passing a policy agenda that will put working and middle class families first. I’m proud to support President Biden’s agenda because it’s clear that these two priorities are exactly what our nation must stay focused on in order to get past the pandemic and create the opportunities that our people need to be able to thrive. 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.