With the impeachment proceedings continuing, it is more clear now than ever that the Republican Party has completely sold itself out to Donald Trump. Despite new bombshell evidence provided by former National Security Advisor John Bolton that the President withheld military aid from Ukraine in order to help his re-election chances, the Republican Senate refused to allow new testimony. This just makes it more obvious than ever before that we need to defeat Trump and the Republicans in November — can you chip in today to help us do it?


President Trump was in New Jersey this week to rally support for Rep. Jeff Van Drew. It is a disgrace that Congressman Van Drew would choose to stand with Trump here in New Jersey, where we pride ourselves on diversity and inclusivity. There is no place for President Trump’s hateful rhetoric in New Jersey and we will work tirelessly to defeat Trump enablers like Jeff Van Drew this November.


Combatting gun violence throughout our state to keep all of our families safe is one of Governor Murphy’s top priorities. This week he was joined in Jersey City by former Congresswoman and nationally recognized gun safety advocate Gabriel Giffords to announce an innovative new partnership between the state and urban hospitals to provide a variety of community outreach services designed to reduce gun violence. Read more about the event here.


Since defeating one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives in 2016, Congressman Josh Gottheimer has been laser focused on reducing the tax burden for middle class New Jerseyans. This week he announced new legislation to cut taxes for senior citizens, allowing them to avoid capital gains taxes when selling their home. Read more about Rep. Gottheimer’s plan here.


One year ago today, the State Legislature approved bills to increase New Jersey’s minimum wage to $15 over time. Governor Murphy quickly signed the increase into law, and since then that action has benefited thousands of working families throughout the state. Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin celebrated the anniversary on Twitter while reaffirming our state’s commitment to the middle class.

Thank you,

Chairman John Currie