As we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all being tested every day. From dealing with health challenges for ourselves or loved ones, to job losses or businesses being threatened and much more, we have never seen anything like this in our lifetime. But we will get through it, because even though it’s easy to feel alone we have to remember that we’re in this together. 

Governor Phil Murphy and his team are working hard for us every day, alongside the frontline healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, first responders, essential employees and everyone else who is doing their part. The Governor is putting the people of New Jersey first, ahead of political considerations or any other factor — while some are playing partisan political games, we can count on Governor Murphy to focus on what really matters, which is getting our state through this crisis.


This week we launched our “Share Your Story” campaign, giving New Jerseyans an opportunity to connect with our party and tell us about your experiences during this crisis. The response so far has been overwhelming, with many residents speaking out about their hopes and fears, what has inspired them and much more. 

You can share your COVID-19 story here, and we will be featuring a selection of compelling stories in future communications.


Governor Murphy continues to make new announcements on policies designed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, focused not only on the devastatic health effects but also the economic impact on working families. The Governor announced that rent increases have now been suspended at all properties managed by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, which includes 36,000 units in the state. Coupled with earlier executive orders banning evictions during the crisis as well as cooperative action with major lenders that provides homeowners with a three month grace period on mortgages, these actions are helping working families weather this storm. More must be done, but we can count on Governor Murphy to look out for the people who need help the most.

For up to date information regarding new cases and directives regarding the Coronavirus, visit the state’s dedicated COVID-19 Information Hub or follow Governor Murphy’s official pages on social media. 

Twitter: @GovMurphy



With the legislature back in session this week via video conference for the first time in state history, several bills dealing with the COVID-19 crisis were passed and signed into law by Governor Murphy. One of the most significant, S2374, expands protections of the Family Leave Act to allow employees forced to take time off to care for a family member during the COVID-19 outbreak with up to 12 weeks of unpaid family leave in a 24-month period without losing their jobs.

Under the bill, employees will be eligible for leave to care for a family member as a result of an epidemic of a communicable disease, or efforts to prevent spread of a communicable disease. These job protections will extend to employees requiring leave to provide care or treatment for their child if the child’s school or place of care is closed in response to a public health emergency.

Read more about the legislation here.

Thank you,

Chairman John Currie