Believe it or not, the Summer is winding down and Labor Day is around the corner. For NJDSC, that only means one thing — kicking it into even higher gear to help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, re-elect Cory Booker and our outstanding Congressional delegation, and send Amy Kennedy and Stephanie Schmid to Washington to join them. 

As Governor Murphy recently announced, this election is going to be conducted through a hybrid model with all active registered voters set to receive a vote by mail ballot. Our party will be working as hard as we can to make sure that voters know that their ballot is coming and what to do when it gets there. If you can, please make a contribution today to make sure we have the resources to ensure as many Democrats as possible return their ballots and make their votes count in this critical election.


In an unprecedented second Budget Address due to the pandemic, Governor Murphy clearly laid out his priorities for the shortened budget season this week. While some voices in Trenton are calling only for cuts to programs and services, Governor Murphy knows that this is the wrong approach. We all saw the result of Chris Christie’s austerity budgets in the wake of the last recession. Thanks to Christie’s failure to plan or take care of the middle class, New Jersey was one of the last states in the country to recover and Governor Murphy will not make the same mistakes. That’s why he’s calling for investments in priorities that will help the middle class and working families — like supporting our public schools with $68 million in new funds for Pre-K, preserving the Homestead Rebate and other property tax reduction tools, making the full payment into the pension system and introducing an innovative new “Baby Bonds” program to reduce the wealth gap. 

In order to fund these crucial priorities, as well as the continued fight against COVID-19, Governor Murphy is calling on the rich and our largest corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. This kind of shared sacrifice is more needed now than ever in a time when the pandemic has exposed the inequities in our society, and I am proud to support Governor Murphy’s call for a stronger, fairer and more just state.

For up to date information regarding new cases and directives regarding coronavirus, visit the state’s dedicated COVID-19 Information Hub or follow Governor Murphy’s official pages on social media. 

Twitter: @GovMurphy



Last night Jeff Van Drew got his ultimate payback for abandoning our party and pledging his “undying support” to Donald Trump, with a primetime speaking role at the Republican National Convention. Van Drew got his chance to introduce himself to the nation, but we already know who he is and why he must be defeated. Watch and share this video from Amy Kennedy’s campaign to spread the word about why Jeff Van Drew must go. 


In a historic victory for diversity and representation, this week the State Senate unanimously confirmed Fabiana Pierre-Louis to the State Supreme Court after she was nominated earlier this year by Governor Murphy. Fabiana will now become the first Black woman to ever serve on our highest court, and I could not be prouder to see this wonderful opportunity be offered to her. I thank the members of the State Senate for their unanimous support and Governor Murphy for his vision in choosing Fabiana Pierre-Louis.

Thank you,

Chairman John Currie