The Great Trump-off of 2021, also known as the Republican Primary for Governor, rages on towards Election Day on Tuesday. The candidates are continuing to cozy up to the most extreme elements of the Republican Party, with the latest example coming this week when Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli embraced the anti-vaccine movement by promoting one of its most prominent backers in the state. 

No matter which candidate prevails, the result will be clear — a Trump Republican will be running against Governor Murphy, and we need to do everything we can to rally behind our Governor. 


New Jersey continues to make tremendous progress in the fight against COVID-19, and today Governor Murphy has lifted additional restrictions on indoor gatherings as vaccination rates rise and cases fall. This follows the lifting of the state’s indoor mask mandate one week ago and marks our continued success in beating back the pandemic as we get closer to the Summer. 

Recognizing that progress, the state legislature passed a bill this week to officially end the state’s public health emergency, one year and three months since it was originally enacted. The bill, which Governor Murphy plans to sign today, will maintain some of the executive powers that have helped keep residents safe while returning to a more normal management of state government. 

For up to date information regarding new cases and directives regarding coronavirus, or information on vaccine registration and signup, visit the state’s dedicated COVID-19 Information Hub or follow Governor Murphy’s official pages on social media. You can also reach the state’s Vaccine Call Center at 1-855-568-0545. 

Twitter: @GovMurphy



The Biden administration continues to make unmistakable progress on ending the COVID-19 crisis and getting our economy back on track. Vaccine numbers are progressing across the country and jobs are being filled as demand for sectors impacted by the pandemic returns. We’ve come a long way since January when President Biden took office and we’re grateful for his steady, competent leadership.

Thank you, 

Chairman John Currie