This week a new contender for the Republican nomination for Governor emerged, with State GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt throwing his hat into the ring. Steinhardt has been one of the state’s most committed supporters of President Trump throughout the last four years, and his decision to run came just a day after Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick — one of the only prominent Republicans in the state who acknowledges that Joe Biden won the election — announced that he would not run. What does this say about the New Jersey Republicans? That they are hopelessly tied to an unpopular President who we soundly defeated just last month, and their primary for Governor will be a race to see which candidate can be the Trumpiest. 

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With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, Governor Murphy and his team are working to expand testing availability, conduct contact tracing and rush resources to areas most affected by the second wave. At the same time, help is finally on the way as the federal government prepares to approve vaccine candidates that are expected to begin being distributed here in New Jersey within weeks. The Governor and his team will be working closely with county and local governments and health care providers to ensure that vaccines are distributed in an equitable manner that prioritizes the most vulnerable and looks to build public trust.

For up to date information regarding new cases and directives regarding coronavirus, visit the state’s dedicated COVID-19 Information Hub or follow Governor Murphy’s official pages on social media. 

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Here at the NJDSC, we’re going to take some time for the rest of the year to look back at some of the major progress that happened in 2020, despite the demands that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on all of us.

One of the key pillars of Governor Murphy’s initial campaign to make our state stronger and fairer was to make millionaires pay their fair share in taxes. This priority has proven over and over to be popular with voters, with over 70% of New Jersayans consistently supporting tax fairness. 

After years of negotiation and compromise with legislative leaders, earlier this year New Jersey finally instituted Governor Murphy’s full millionaires tax proposal by increasing the tax rare on earned income over $1 million. This policy change will create hundreds of millions of dollars in new sustainable tax revenue going forward, allowing the state to invest in crucial priorities like education, public transit and property tax relief for the middle class.

Thank you,

Chairman John Currie