The NJDems (New Jersey Democratic State Committee) Logo. It is a multi-toned blue outline of the state of New Jersey, with two lines of text inset. The upper line in large font says NJDems in all caps; the lower line in smaller, but also all caps font, says "NJ Democratic State Committee".

TRENTON, NJ — New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. is releasing the following statement on last night’s meeting of the Legislative Apportionment Commission: 

“I was very pleased to see the dozens and dozens of people who signed up to testify at last night’s hearing. This process is crucial for the future of our State and all of its residents, and participation is vital.  

It is not lost on me that many of our participants noted the fact that our newest appointee is an important step towards addressing the glaring diversity gap that existed within our Commission. However, the thing that stands out to me most  was, to echo Judge Carchman, the wonderful participatory spirit in which the meeting proceeded.

I look forward to digesting the information we received with my fellow commissioners and to moving forward seamlessly with this critically important process.”

Chairman Jones’ full remarks to begin the hearing are available here.