Statement of the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, John Currie, concerning Governor Chris Christie’s decision to prioritize political travel to Florida over the needs of New Jersey.




Governor Ducking Out On State, Leaving Garden Staters With Mess He Created


(Trenton) — Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee John Currie issued the following statement concerning Governor Chris Christie’s prioritization of political travel over the interests of the Garden State:


“In his State of the State address, the governor pledged he would ‘not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people’s lives in New Jersey to be delayed.’ How exactly is that work getting done if he is off fund-raising for the governor of Florida and cultivating a national donor base?”


“It is disturbing that despite a serious unfolding scandal, Governor Christie is turning a deaf ear to the outcries of the people of New Jersey, and once again putting his political interests above their needs.”


“The people of New Jersey deserve more answers and better assurances that the governor will weed out the corrupting influences in his office. His administration has embarrassed our state, making us the butt of jokes on late night television. Flying off to Florida for a fund-raiser with another scandal-plagued governor like Rick Scott shows a callous indifference to the mess he helped to create.”


“The fact is, the governor has been inconsistent in his demands for accountability, and his efforts to address the failures that led to the Bridgegate scandal have been largely symbolic. For example, why have some of Christie’s core team been spared punishment but not others? And, why was it so important for Christie to maintain distance between himself and the two aides that were sent packing?”


“Governor Christie concluded his speech to legislators last week by saying ‘In this hour of choice, let us choose a better New Jersey.” Well, here he should choose New Jersey over Florida.”