New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie said tonight’s election results are very promising, and noted that Democratic-control more than 50 Assembly seats is unprecedented in recent times. He called Democratic victories a rejection of Chris Christie’s failures and misguided priorities.


Successes in Assembly Elections Seen as Rejection of Christie Agenda


(Woodland Hills, New Jersey) — The Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, John Currie, reacted to today’s initial election returns with the following statement:


“Tonight’s results are very promising and I am proud that Democrats worked together to achieve success. The fact that the Democratic Party will control more than 50 Assembly seats is unprecedented in recent times.”


“Working families of our state needed — and now they have — more voices in the people’s house to fight to expand opportunities for the middle class. I am confident that our strengthened State Assembly majority will help us move toward a brighter, safer, more prosperous future for everyone in New Jersey.”


“These Democratic victories also echo public polling showing that voters have had enough of Governor Chris Christie’s misguided policies, wasteful spending, and failed leadership. I look forward to working with our new members as we seek to hold Mr. Christie accountable and chart a new path forward together.”