I want to begin with another reminder that the Primary Election is June 7th. In New Jersey, you do not have to wait for election day to vote. You have the option to vote by mail or vote early – and we are encouraging everyone to vote as soon as they can! 

Click here for more voter resource information about Voting by Mail and Tracking your Ballot.

This week we were reminded by Republicans in our own state why the extremist GOP agenda is dangerous for American families. Republican State Senator Ed Durr, representing NJ’s 3rd District, is attempting to repeal several of NJ’s gun safety laws– laws that have statistically proven to keep New Jerseyans safer from gun violence. Additionally, Congressman Jeff Van Drew, of NJ’s 2nd Congressional District, voted NO on a bill brought to the House this week to address the baby formula shortage crisis. You can read our response to Congressman Drew’s abhorrent vote here.

These are just two more examples of why it is essential that we continue to elect Democrats. Extremist views like those espoused by Senator Durr, and obstructionist tactics like those employed by Congressman Van Drew, are not what we stand for in New Jersey. In New Jersey, we vote to keep people alive, to keep people safe, fed, healthy, and financially secure. Republicans don’t bring solutions to your home – they bring an increased risk of gun violence, less healthcare, fewer children fed, and fewer tax dollars back in your pocket.  

As always, if you are able to please consider signing up here to volunteer with a local Democratic Congressional campaign. 

Vote Democratic in the June 7 election. Vote for the future you want for your family.


This past Tuesday, Gov. Murphy signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency in New Jersey to address the national baby formula shortage. This action triggered New Jersey’s price gouging laws and allows anyone to report illegal price hikes, which you can do here.

On Wednesday, the House passed, in a mostly party-line vote and without Congressman Jeff Van Drew’s support, the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, which gave the FDA $28 million in emergency funding for the resources it needs to address the urgent infant formula shortage. 

Both of these important actions align with President Biden invoking the Defense Production Act to increase domestic production of formula and launching Operation Fly Formula to use federal planes to fly formula in from abroad. 


Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman is the first Black woman to represent NJ in Congress, a former Assemblywoman, and the first Black woman to be Chair of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.  She is an advocate for criminal justice reform and building an economy that works for all New Jersey families. She has championed legislation like the Healthy MOM Act & the End for-Profit Prisons Act. 

In 2016, Congresswoman Coleman co-founded the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls. She is a member of the House Committees on Appropriations and Homeland Security. Find out how to get involved in her campaign by visiting


President Biden and the First Lady visited Buffalo this week to pay their respects to those grieving the ten lives lost in a racially motivated attack by a white supremacist. 

Biden was fervent in labeling the violence what it is: domestic terrorism

He was correct in noting that there is a hatred that has been allowed to fester and become commonplace among right wing politicians and media pundits that is radicalizing people into concrete violent action. When a certain rhetoric can bring people to the point of enacting domestic terror attacks on their fellow citizens, we need to end the rhetoric. We need to stop allowing people who peddle cheap talk about anyone who does not look, worship, or speak like them because it is having dire real-life consequences.

In New Jersey we know that diversity makes us stronger and that we thrive when we embrace each other as we are. 

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

P.S. –  Thank you to everyone who came out to our AAPI Heritage Month event last night! It was hosted by our Muslim, AANHPI, and South Asian American Caucauses and it was great to be out and celebrating cultures that make New Jersey better.