Chairman Currie Urges United Front Against Republicans In General Election


[Trenton] — Today, the Chairman of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, John Currie, applauded the Primary Election candidates across New Jersey who competed for the honor of representing the Democratic Party on the General Election ballot, and congratulated Ambassador Phil Murphy on winning the gubernatorial nomination. Chairman Currie's statement follows:

"As usual, we had a robust -- and, at times, heated -- primary election campaign, and a vigorous debate about what we want our elected leaders to focus on. I congratulate Ambassador Murphy on securing the gubernatorial nomination, and I appreciate all of our candidates' commitment to our shared values, and the fact that they backed their convictions with the courage to seek higher office."

"Clearly, after eight years of the Chris Christie administration's criminality, misguided priorities, failed policies, and neglect, Garden State voters are eager to put someone in the governor's mansion who will get New Jersey moving on a path forward. And, I am confident that our entire slate of candidates will fight for the needs of working class families."

"I trust that all Democratic voters will soon rally behind our nominees, regardless of whether their preferred primary candidate won or lost. And I hope that's true for voters with other party affiliations too. Because, whether one is anxious about the future or ready to stand up against the President's dangerous, divisive and unconstitutional actions, our ticket is the only one that can be counted on to have your back."

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